The Experiment

from by Duality

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The Experiment - The operation is performed and the members survive. Extensive testing begins as the newly made 'Cybans' attempt to adjust to the new ways in which they can learn, move and interact with their environment.

Seeing in infrared, feeling magnetic fields and electricity, the ability to 'download' and retain any information. Because of how the operation works, the human and cyborg are split with a 51% - 49% ratio of control; this ratio allows the humans to employ the maximum level of reason without emotional response compromising the greater good, but also allows the human the ability to 'override' the cyborg portion if the need were to ever arise. The Cybans have no need for oxygen, food/fuel (their 'skin', which looks and acts perfectly human, is photosynthetic and they are fitted with kinetic absorbers which harness movement to fuel a new type of fusion battery).

In addition to having bodies crafted of carbon nanotubes and nanotech 'cells' within that are capable of self-repair, they are practically (but not entirely) indestructible. While Thor looks, feels and smells identical to his human self, his wife becomes increasingly concerned over his new ways of acting, thinking and almost encyclopedic knowledge.


from Duality, released May 12, 2015
Craig Sefcik



all rights reserved


Duality Dallas, Texas

Duality is an experimental melodic metal band with influences spanning genres including thrash, death/power/black metal, industrial and more.

Duality aims to combine top-notch musicianship with a range of concepts and ideas that I personally find interesting. Space exploration, nanotechnology, genetics and science fiction provide a limitless amount of fascinating ideas to draw from.
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