The Absolution

from by Duality

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The Absolution - In a final, all or nothing battle to determine the fate of the two sides, Thor is piloting a ship engaged in furious combat with mCyban attackers. During battle, he begins having strange, unexplained visions of a massive battle during the medieval period, with two sides locked in combat on a vast, grassy plane flanked by mountains in the distance. Doing his best to shake these visceral images and concentrate on combat, he leads a squadron of fighters towards the enemy's capital ship on a final run.

After a devastating sequence of watching his fellow Cybans destroyed while valiantly fighting, he manages to bring the capital ship down during a vision in which he and the enemy general in the medieval battle strike each other simultaneously, burying their blades in each other's chest. As this happens, his ship takes a hail of fire and he is pierced through the chest in the exact spot as the vision.

- (The next part occurs simultaneously) -
Medieval Period - Thor falls back against the ground, the battle still raging around him. With labored breathing, he stares up at the sky and, unexpectedly, feels a deep sense of relief. With a faint smile, he closes his eyes and embraces the unknown.

Current time - As his ship, badly damaged and incapacitiated, drifts slowly through the debris of the remains of the capital ship, he sees the battle continue to rage around him. With labored breathing, he watches as his own side's capital ship is also destroyed; both sides have essentially eradicated one another. Thor stares out across the dark void of space and one star gleams just a little brighter than all the others; Thor feels a sense of peace and relief wash over him as he takes his last breath, closes his eyes and embraces the unknown.

- Epilogue -
The destruction of the mCyban and Cyban capital ships were almost simultaneous, as well as when Thor received his mortal wound. Unexpectedly, the mCybans hail the remaining Cybans and call for a cease fire; unbeknownst to Thor, the mCybans have developed the capacity for emotion. This will in turn lead to the re-unification of the Cyban/mCybans, although Thor will not live to see it. The Cybans and mCybans pause to acknowledge the contributions and heroism of Thor, the very first Cyban, in a dramatic and touching moment of silence.


from Duality, released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Duality Dallas, Texas

Duality is an experimental melodic metal band with influences spanning genres including thrash, death/power/black metal, industrial and more.

Duality aims to combine top-notch musicianship with a range of concepts and ideas that I personally find interesting. Space exploration, nanotechnology, genetics and science fiction provide a limitless amount of fascinating ideas to draw from.
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